Charisma has no gender! Renault Renault Mégane


Are Charisma, Character & Style attributes of a man only?

Renault Mégane, the leader in its category, was losing market share against its competitors. Its historic model reached a dead end that needed rejuvenation.

Researches showed that women's purchase of the Renault Mégane increased over time, since it was considered the perfect compromise between status, youth and budget.

We launched a campaign to demonstrate that Charisma, Character and Style have no gender. We showed that the Renault Mégane is the best car option that suits both women and men, and allows them to show their unique attributes.

As a result, we managed to increase the Mégane's market share as well as make its owners proud of their choice.


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African Cirstal 2017

Media Best use of Outdoor / Emerald

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African Crsital 2017

Regional award media / Emerald

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