In Taiwan, over 70% of contact lens consumers are female users. They feel unconfident without wearing contact lens. And also, many Taiwanese women feel constrained by traditional views. As a leading brand of contact lenses, PEGAVISION encourages women to shed societal stereotypes and chart their own course, and encourage society to see them in a different light – as confident, independent women. 

In order to encourage women to resist the public perception, we let them resist an online film first. Just as expected, many female social groups spread this link with rage. We know that many women express their annoyance with eye rolling. This video link is actually the WORLD’S FIRST INTERACTIVE WEBSITE WITH EYE CONTROL. If it detects them rolling their eyes to protest to the video, it would reverse the whole content and change the whole perception to their surprise. The website allows women to post issues with their eyes and turn them into tailor-made contact lens trial packs. Even printed media and radios reversed their perceptions.

Over 240,000 times exposure on social media with waves of dislikes, but over 1.5 million people reversed their perceptions perfectly. 40M+ impressions were achieved. Women can change others perceptions as long as they don’t change according how others perceive them.

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