24 juin, 2016

Matt Eastwood Hosts Main Stage Seminar at Cannes Lions 2016

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On Friday, June 24, JWT Chief Creative Officer Matt Eastwood will host his “Passion Trumps Talent” seminar at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 

The seminar will take place 10:00am CEST in the Lumiere Theater and will tackle why passion is critical to transforming the industry’s challenges into opportunities and innovation in a time when business is becoming increasingly competitive, and agencies are hauling expanded service offerings to every pitch.

The talent pool is growing more diverse and more skilled leaving agencies asking how does one agency stand out above the noise? How does an aspiring creative outpace the rest?

Matt insists that the answer to this challenge is passion, saying, “Talent is nothing without determination. And be it hot and fast or calm and patient, passion is the key differentiator in a world full of creative hyper-competitors. Passion is resilient and proactive; it’s enduring and magnetic. It’s an internal North Star, hinged on only absolute devotion and faith, that can move you to change the world.”

Last year, Matt tackled the Grand Auditorium stage in a candid one-on-one conversation with leading Hollywood film and television producer Brian Grazer.

The seminar will celebrate the power of curiosity, and explored how cultivating a culture of questions can inspire and ignite careers and the creative process.

From Grazer’s new book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life (co-authored by Charles Fishman), Grazer shared personal lessons from his decades-long enthusiasm for talking to anyone and everyone – from spies to artists, scientists, celebrities and CEOs – and how it has inspired his own creativity and career spanning over 25 years in Hollywood.

See the recap from Matt’s 2015 Cannes Lions seminar here.

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