01 août, 2017

JWT London Hosts their 2nd JWTeach Young Tribes Day

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On July 19, our London office opened its doors to host its second annual JWTeach Young Tribes Day.

JWTeach Young Tribes Day was created to help young adults learn more about the role of advertising in society and in consumers’ lives. Promoting the importance of gender equality, diversity and inclusion, the day is designed with a strong focus on the importance of positive female role models.

Last year’s Young Tribes pilot program invited students from nine schools across all corners of London.

This year, the program was expanded to involve young adults from the DriveForward and Paiwand programs. DriveForward who support young care leavers to take charge of their futures and achieve their career goals. Paiwand, which means unity, is an Afghan community organization that aims to unite the UK’s refugee community and improve their quality of life in their new homeland.  

The group of students worked on a presentation from team leads across account management, creative, planning, social/digital and London’s Female Tribes initiatives. The students were then broken up into small groups to take an agency tour, meet inspiring leaders in the business and experience agency life firsthand. 

To truly immerse the students in the advertising world, they were given a real agency brief and were expected to answer and present back to four key judges: Megan Van Someren, Global Planner Lead; Denise Price, Associate Director Global Insights and Planning, Kellogg; Nikki Kemp, Head of Features at Campaign Magazine; and Kat Thomas, Creative Director.  

Participant, Noor Kalumba, said: “We learned so much about planning, account management, creative and even social media – and thought I knew everything about that.  Also learning about experiential was great. I never thought of it as advertising – or how subtle or how big it can be.  I can definitely take this away and use it my day to day life.”

See more image below from JWTeach Young Tribes Day.

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