15 mai, 2018

Cannes Contenders 2018: Week 3

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Here are seven more pieces from our offices in Amsterdam, Milan, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney, Sao Paulo and London.

The Legend of Red Hand

The short movie “The Legend of Red Hand”, starring globally-renowned actress Zoe Saldana, Italian actor Adriano Giannini and directed by Italian director Stefano Sollima, is a thrilling mystery story that takes viewers around the world in the pursuit of the perfect Campari cocktail. Opening in dusk...



Only 4% of car salespeople who work at Opel car dealerships in the Netherlands are female. And, this is while women buy almost 50% of all cars. Strange, isn’t it?Well, that’s exactly what J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam thought when they were asked to help Opel think about diversity in the...



Vodafone’s main brand purpose has always been to empower people through the use of technology. In 2015, the Vodafone Foundation developed DreamLab – a mobile app that helps speed up cancer research by collecting data for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, while the phone owner sleeps.   Every...


Confessing Labels

19 Crimes, an Australian wine label, is based on the strange, but true story of Australia’s infamous origins. The label features the stories of historic British convicts who were each banished to Australia for committing one of the 19 Crimes. To help promote a young wine brand banished to an...


Going, Going, Gone.

Following the UK government’s recent announcement that they are planning to ban ivory trading, conservation charity Stop Ivory decided to continue to push that the ban be written into UK law. The charity is also challenging other nations to follow suit, with a hard-hitting new campaign from J....


Give us the time of a song

In 2016, WeChat launched the “Charge for Love” project, which received a very positive response.  So in 2017, WeChat designed a new energy growth system for their top-up service, whereby consumers could donate the energy generated from charging their mobiles and use it to interact with their...

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