21 juin, 2016

Cannes 2016: JWT Earns 5 Gold Lions

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We are proud to share the fantastic wins we’ve earned across Effectiveness, Digital Craft, Product Design, PR, Design and Outdoor categories.

JWT Amsterdam's collision between tech and art, “The Next Rembrandt,” earned three Gold Lions with one in Digital Craft and two in Outdoor. And it didn’t stop there: The piece also took a Silver in Design and two Bronzes in Digital Craft.

JWT Colombia's “The Last Mask,” a massive PR movement aimed at rallying the country around preventing acid attacks against women, earned us another Gold, this time in PR. The campaign took an additional two Silver Lions in PR as well.

Sadly, the highest number of acid attacks on women occurs in Colombia. It’s a harsh reality that many considered an “invisible” issue until March, 2014. That month, Colombian citizen Natalia Ponce de León became the victim of an acid attack, and news coverage showing video of the attack pushed the issue to the forefront of Colombia’s public discourse. As Natalia emerged as a prominent voice for other victims, the clear mask that she wore to protect her face became a well-recognized symbol of her unwavering strength and it inspired JWT Colombia to create “The Last Mask.” Natalia’s bravery and message sparked one of the most influential PR movements in Colombia’s history and brought together an entire nation to wear masks so that no other Colombian woman would ever have to again.

View “The Last Mask,” here.

We earned our fourth Gold for the night with Cohn & Jansen JWT's “Purity Test,” a campaign that gave Romanians the access and power to test the purity of their tap water and the water in their rivers and lakes.

Just a day after the Bangkok team finished defending their Innovation shortlist, “Touchable Ink,” in the Palais, the work was awarded a Product Design Lion, equivalent to Gold. The piece took two Silvers and a Bronze in PR as well.

JWT Costa Rica also secured a Bronze in PR for “The Second Scoreboard”

In Design, JWT Beirut earned Silver for “The Good Note,” which earned three grand prix and three golds at Dubai Lynx in March.

JWT Cairo also earned its own Silver in Design for “Downtown Fonts,” a project dedicated to reviving the hand-painted calligraphy of the local shop signs in downtown Cairo by transforming the handmade craft into digital craft. The project landed a second Silver in Outdoor.

We rounded out our Lion tallies in Outdoor with nine Bronzes for work from our offices in Amsterdam, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, London and Caracas.

“Blood Banking,” an app developed through a collaboration between JWT Bangalore and Mirum India, earned us another Silver in Direct. Changing the way traditional blood banks work, “Blood Banking” allows people to save their own blood in a Blood Banking Account, and withdraw it for themselves or transfer it to someone in need through the app.

JWT Brazil's “Reincarnation” took Bronze in Design, and J. Walter Thompson Cairo’s “Fakka,” our first-ever shortlist in Creative Effectiveness, earned a Bronze in its category

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