22 févr., 2017

Behind Sarasij Dasgupta’s Top Five Favorite Photos

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Sarasij Dasgupta is the Senior Creative Director at JWT Kolkata. Recently, Sarasij’s photo in a rustic akhada was featured in the Daily Dozen of National Geographic.

A passionate photographer, Sarasij has shared with us five of his favorite photos and the stories behind each of them.


Traditional Indian wrestling is an ancient subculture and the place where it is practiced is called an akhada in Kolkata, India. This akhada was established way back in 1865 and is now 151 years old. The students here all train together and follow a strict diet, building strength and honing their wrestling skills with moves like Dhak, Nikas, Dhobi Pachad or Kanpheri to defeat the opponent in freehand combat. This moment of juxtaposition captures the thought of two entities and one soul between the student and his trainer.


A leading newspaper in association with Kolkata Police holds an event called Happy Streets to promote community bonding and healthy lifestyles for the people of Kolkata. The objective is to reclaim a stretch of road space from automobiles and opening it to the public every Sunday in January to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience. People from all age groups participate in activities of all kinds, from highly intense Zumba to street cricket, yoga or roller skate, painting, football, badminton and karate or just enjoying a theatrical performance. This image captures a dynamic, colorful and joyful moment during a Happy Streets event.


Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is on the of most popular Hindu festivals, celebrated across the country with much fervor. In Kolkata, it is popularly known as Dol Yatra. Armed with water sprinklers and vermilion powder, the revelers take the streets and cover the entire city in myriad colors. This image was shot on Kyd Street, Kolkata where the colorful graffiti walls in the background play with the colors of Holi to bring to life.


Kolkata as a city never fails to charm and thrill you with all her idiosyncrasies. About 150km from Kolkata, is the island of Sagar, considered auspicious by the Hindus, who gather there in January to take a holy dip at the confluence of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal under the belief that all their sins will be washed away.

Kolkata acts as a transit point for Sadhus (hermits) of all ages who make a pit stop here. This classic candid moment in transit camp is one of my favorite as it captures the weird theatrics of a monkey owned by a Sadhu.


This is a narrow lane that leads to Hatkhola Bayam Samity, a local traditional gym in the heart of old Kolkata. The walls on either side of the lane are painted with graffiti depicting weightlifters and pahelwans (Indian Strongmen). I wanted to bring alive the graffiti on the walls and complement it with a live character. 

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