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Female Tribes

What is Female Tribes?

Female Tribes is J. Walter Thompson Company’s proprietary insight study about women around the world. This living study, conducted globally, makes J. Walter Thompson Company the agency with the most insight, knowledge and research about the largest consumer category in the world: women.

It's time to change the conversation, recognizing the value of female capital and understanding that defining women according to their responsibilities is limiting. But celebrating their achievements and aspirations is inspiring.

According to our recent Women’s Index study, 58% of women say that role models in TV or film have inspired them to either be more assertive or more ambitious. Meaning that how women are portrayed in culture and what they see on screen matters.

So together let's change the conversation brands have with women, reinforcing positive social norms, whilst unlocking the true economic value that women have on businesses.

We invite you to join us and make a difference.

Watch Her Story - the definitive documentary co-produced by J. Walter Thompson Entertainment - and meet these extraordinary women