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Female Tribes

J. Walter Thompson Company - Pioneers

We always have been and always will be, first and foremost pioneers. We pioneer ways of thinking and working – not for the sake of being clever, but because they make natural business sense both for us and our clients.

J. Walter Thompson introduced the idea of the advertising planning department – changing the way the entire industry solves problems for clients and makes brands eternal. Our strategic capability remains unparalleled.

We’ve been pioneering in the way we work with women since 1887, when J. Walter Thompson himself recognised that women make the majority of household decisions, and had the idea of directing communications towards women in magazines.

Our communications change perceptions across the globe.

From the 1941 World War II posters inspiring women to take on traditionally male jobs, to the 2003 De Beers campaign challenging traditional gender roles by empowering women with the 'Right Hand Ring', we have always been leading the changing expectations of women's roles.

As marketers, we know how advertising greatly affects the culture around it. As pioneers, we know that women are not only calling for change, but leading it.

Recognising and rewarding talent within our industry

Helen Lansdowne, first-ever female Creative Director

In 1908, J. Walter Thompson hired Helen Lansdowne as a Copywriter. She went on to shatter the glass ceiling as she became the advertising industry’s first female Creative Director.

In 2014, in honour of ‘Adland’s first feminist’, we created the Helen Lansdowne Resor International Scholarship, which honours all women in advertising by assisting and promoting talented female creative advertising students around the world.