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Female Tribes

Her Story

Her Story is the definitive documentary and global perspective on where women are today. It is more than just a documentary about women’s progress; it is an audit of the staggering leaps women have made in an infinite number of ways. 

With unrivalled access to some of the world’s most powerful women, this four-part documentary (a J. Walter Thompson Entertainment and Films of Record production) highlights the remarkable advancement made by women over the last 50 years.

Her Story will first be aired on BBC World News on 20th February 2016.

J. Walter Thompson Entertainment

J. Walter Thompson Entertainment helps our clients create stories that must be told. We work with brands and broadcasters to create long-form engaging content that moves beyond traditional advertising.

Rachel Pashley Group Planning Head, J. Walter Thompson For over 20 years Rachel has worked in Brand Marketing and Advertising, across FMCG, beverage, automotive and global healthcare clients. Part of her work in the Creative Industry revolves around mining for truthful insights which become the foundation of big creative ideas that connect with and engage the audience.
Jaspar Shelbourne Global Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Jaspar is creatively responsible for various multi-national accounts and started J. Walter Thompson Entertainment five years ago. Since then this unit has produced a variety of long-form content, either online or more frequently for global broadcast. These include Driven to Extremes for Shell, The Ideas Exchange for HSBC, projects for Microsoft and Nestle, and most recently Her Story.