What matters is inside Shell Rimula

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From 2nd degree citizens to 1st class humans: Shell decided to pay tribute and champion those drivers who are perceived to be grade 2 citizens (with tier 1 licenses) by capturing the phrases placed by truck drivers on their trucks as personal statements. Those statements articulate an untold story about the drivers. The point of view constructed and presented to the public captures a novel and a genuine side of a forgotten segment in the society. The script is made up entirely from real bumper sticker quotes weaved together into a poem which became an ode to truck drivers; celebrating them as humans, with their own individual interests and beliefs. Real drivers, real trucks and real families were featured, shedding the light on the real 1st class human inside. This brought the spotlight on the human side of the driver behind the wheel who is also a friend, a father, and a brother. Shell Rimula stands for what’s inside; from the human inside the truck to the oil inside the engine.


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2018 MENA Effies

Media - New Channel Innovation / Gold

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