What is your daughter searching for? Unilever Dove

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Parents want to believe that their daughters are happy, confident and immune to the social pressures surrounding body image. But what if you could see what your daughter is really searching for online? Would it tell you a different story about her self-esteem?

The campaign, called Searching, highlights the surprisingly common questions searched online by Australian girls, from whether teens can get cosmetic surgery, through to whether they are ugly or fat, or have an eating disorder. It then asks parents a simple but significant question: ‘What is your daughter searching for?’

“At face value ‘What is your daughter searching for?’ talks to online searches, but the real lesson is about girls’ emotional needs. Our research shows that girls use the internet to research and discuss sensitive body confidence issues rather than talk to their parents. As a result, this is a question that most parents simply don’t know the answer to,” explained J Walter Thompson’s ECD Simon Langley.

“Australian teens and families are already bombarded with messages about beauty, so Searching was specifically developed to cut through that noise to generate some important discussion about self-esteem – and present the reality in a way that hits home.”

Tessa Black, Senior Brand Manager, Unilever said: “Dove is Australia’s most loved beauty brand and its work promoting ‘Real Beauty’ is well known and appreciated. But very few people know that Dove is also committed to their social mission to ensure that the next generation of girls grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look and help them reach their full potential. We hope Searching generates some important family discussions, and ongoing support of this important Dove initiative.”

Two 30” TVCs, plus an online film and 15” pre rolls were developed utilising insights gained through research by J Walter Thompson and Dove. 

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