The Series Placement – Season 1 Toyota

Descripción General

Like every year, Toyota Jordan has its special Ramadan offers, but the challenge is: how to communicate it in a way that will stand out from all of the content jungle in Ramadan? Simply, by blending in.

Toyota Ramadan offers Presents: “The series placement” Season1.

Mini-series of 4 episodes, each one featuring the most cliché climax scene in the Arab TV Drama industry with a small twist. Instead of a “spontaneous” product placement in a show, a series was “spontaneously” placed in a product’s commercial.

Before Ramadan, just like all other series. Promo posters were used for people to plug in their schedule. And they did. Episodes were aired during the highest viewership segment on local TV channel Ro'ya TV, as well as online, social media and a dedicated microsite.

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