The Gersey PepsiCo ​Gatorade

Descripción General

Elite athletes always know when it’s the ideal time to hydrate. They have coaches, assistants, consultants, doctors, and special equipment that reminds them to do so. But what about young developing athletes? They don’t have the means and resources the pros have. These young athletes are the core of Gatorade’s target audience.

Creative Idea

We worked with Gatorade, the world’s leading brand for athletic performance drinks, to design The Gersey, a shirt made with a special thermochromic ink that changes colors when the body reaches a temperature of 104°F, which means that your body needs hydration, offering a visible way to gauge your body’s condition just by looking at your shirt.

The shirts were such a hit that, starting this summer, Gatorade will distribute them nationwide. The Puerto Rico National Football Federation will adopt the Gersey technology into some of its leagues, ranging from youth to pro.


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2017 Cúspide Awards

Design / Silver

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2017 Cúspide Awards

Direct / Shortlist

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