Shell Real Destinations Shell Rimula

Descripción General

Objective: To create an emotionally engaging global campaign that demonstrates Shell Rimula’s genuine brand promise of “The engine oil that works as hard as you”. Whilst many competitors compete on purely technical and functional hard-sell, Shell believes that they can cut through the clutter better if they can connect with their customers in a more authentic manner. 

Strategy: Truckers are hardly celebrated for the risk they take everyday to do this job and they do this purely for many personal reasons beyond themselves. 

Idea: Real Destinations
Because getting from A to B is just the job. But what drives truckers is their Real Destination. The one they think about everyday and the reason why they work hard. Whilst many brands focus on the engines and trucks, we know that what matters to truckers more are the real goals in life that they work for. We want to celebrate and support their hard work and demonstrate how Shell empathizes with what they do by making better products that would ensure their journeys will be safer and easier.

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