Return to Kekexili Shell Helix

Descripción General

In 2017, Kekexili became a World Heritage site; this was also the 15th anniversary of the film Kekexili by famed director Lu Chuan. Shell Helix launched an interactive content and social-driven campaign 'Drive On' leveraging Lu Chuan and the film, which catapulted it to China's favorite brand in the category.

Shell Helix’s brand idea ‘Drive On’ recognizes day-to-day challenges can hinder any urban driver’s passion for the drive, which is why the brand seeks to inspire people to keep driving on for their dreams and passions. In 2017, one momentous event happened: Kekexili, a mountainous region in Tibet became a World Heritage site. This was also the 15th anniversary of a film that triggered public support for its conservation efforts in the first place. Its director Lu Chuan is widely known to have overcome many production problems as well as harsh high-altitude terrain in order to complete the film, now considered a cultural masterpiece. 

Bring Shell Helix’s indomitable spirit of ‘Drive On’ to life, by having drivers live through and participate in a retelling of Lu Chuan’s determined, unswerving journey to Kekexili.

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