The Internet is Unfair VODAFONE

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Although mobile data can burn a hole in one’s pocket, Egyptians new-found obsession with the Internet leaves them constantly wanting more and willing to reshuffle their priorities for it. Yet, to ensure that regardless of speed and reach, heavy users didn’t use up all the available data bundles purchased, the fair usage policy was introduced. The fair usage policy is used to cap the bandwidth of data bundle usage to a certain amount. Once the limit is met, the Internet speed slows to a painful crawl or forces consumers to pay to top-up their bundle. Therefore, it was difficult for Vodafone to introduce an Unlimited bundle to a consumer who no longer believed the word. Consumers believed that the fair usage policy, is not so fair. With expired megabytes being such a nuisance and an economic burden, it’s natural that consumers conclude that Vodafone, or any other Telecom brand, are the only ones to blame.

While people had been so fixated on the unfairness of telecom providers, they forgot that there was another culprit in the equation – the Internet itself. In today’s age of misinformation, the Internet is ripe with click baits, hidden terms & conditions, fake news, looping videos, YouTube ‘holes’, hoax websites and all sorts of megabyte-guzzling traps. It’s almost as if the Internet is conspiring to make it easy for one to finish their data bundles.

The Internet is unfair – and Vodafone was going to be the one to expose it. Vodafone shifted the blame; diverting the notion of unfairness from telco operators to the clickbait-driven source of unfairness- the Internet. We needed to change the discourse on the correlation between the Internet and losing data. With truth & honesty on our side, Vodafone’s Data campaign stood up to the liars and the naysayers of the world, and brought back a little bit of faith to an otherwise harshly stereotyped industry.
To achieve our goal, we created an online protest song with the help of Egypt’s favorite rebel – Abla Fahita. Best known for her rebellious nature and brutal honesty, we recruited the Internet-born sensation as the face of our movement. Throughout the song, Abla Fahita called on users to abuse the Internet, and to browse freely. Shot much like a music-video, she sung on behalf of the average Internet user showcasing all their pain-points and calling out the Internet on all its traps. To get this across, we needed to instill a bold and honest message: The Internet is unfair, so don’t use it fairly. And with Vodafone’s new service, you won’t need to.

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