Midea Clears the Air Miraco Midea

Descripción General

A moment where you expect to see people going insane over a certain act or behavior; but in the contrary and as a bigger surprise, everyone is acting chilled, very cool and even being helpful in bizarre situations.
Meet Mission, the latest AC launched through Midea. As of a main feature that differentiates the AC from one another, it cools up the temperature that reaches up 52 degrees and clears the air; and here was our main hook. Our film revolves around an extreme intense situation showing a money exchange office being robbed through an entertainment lighthearted atmosphere, whereas we see the office workers helping the robbers to open the safe and even providing something to drink. Unpredictably the cops shows up with giving an intense vibe and yet again they joke around as well – this is a reflection of Mission AC clearing up the air!

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