The Breaker's Party Nestlé Kit Kat

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The launch of mock political party, The Breakers Party, is at the heart of a KITKAT campaign which harnessed the value of taking a break with KITKAT, in the lead up to the Federal election.
The multi-faceted campaign reinforced KITKAT’s long term “Have a Break” proposition. A fully integrated campaign was developed using online video content, TV, Social (#JOINTHEBREAKERSPARTY) and an on-pack promotion (including Shazam integration), encouraging Australians to take action for a chance to become one of five official Breakers Party Ministers and win the break of a lifetime with KITKAT.

Jay Morgan, Group Digital Creative Director, J Walter Thompson Sydney said the client’s brief was to celebrate the breakers of this nation and create more breaks for all.

“As a nation we’re over worked, under holidayed and in need for a break from politics. The Breakers Party is a political party with only one mission: to bring the people of Australia more breaks.”

The campaign was spearheaded by enigmatic leader of The Breakers Party, Dale Jeffries, who joined social to comment on trending topics and spread the Party’s point of view of more breaks for all.

Twitter was also used to support the Breakers Party online video content, pushed out via Facebook, YouTube and pre-rolls throughout the campaign. The online content, including a longer hero piece, smaller prize-related videos and a range of social content, drove engaged audiences to The Breakers Party landing page, which encouraged consumers to ‘Join the Breakers Party’ and captured entries to the promotion.

“Nestle is very excited about this campaign as we know it will be an effective way to resonate with KITKAT fans and bring some fun into their breaks,” said Chris O’Donnell, Head of Marketing, Nestle Confectionery. “We are looking forward to presenting a lighter side of the political conversation and to watch how well Dale and his Breakers Party poll against competing party heavyweights.”

The campaign also introduced five brand new pack designs – one for each minister in The Breakers Party – which used a unique Shazam entry mechanic to automatically direct consumers to The Breakers Party website. There they had the chance to win one of five ultimate breaks and become the Minister of Sports, Technology, Shopping, Music or Travel breaks.

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