#ItStartsInside Activia

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While women are powerful and comfortable overcoming obstacles, they might not realize that they can be their own harshest critic.

As the NFL’s first female official, Sarah Thomas has been seen on millions of televisions across America, quietly making a name for herself in one of the most challenging fields for women: football.

Drawing on Sarah’s personal experience we brought Activia’s 'It Starts Inside' brand vision to life with a relatable and inspirational story, highlighting the challenges and motivations behind this historic appointment.

Don't Tell Me I Can't

80% of women agree that they are their own worst critic. So we wanted to inspire women to rise above their inner critic, and for each woman to recognize that she is filled with the potential to achieve whatever she wants – no matter how big or small.

The work was created in collaboration with Y&R, Wunderman, Hill & Knowlton and Geometry Global.

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