Beatbot Puma

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Instead of just telling runners to be Forever Faster, we have them a way to live it. Introducing the PUMA BeatBot, a programmable, self-driving, line-following robot designed to help runners of all levels reach their athletic goals. Once the runner sets the distance they want to race and the time they want to beat, the BeatBot races to those specifications, offering a visual target for the runner to race against.

The bot can be programmed to allow runners to race against their own best time, their rival’s best time, or even the best time of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, pushing them to train their hardest to...well, beat the BeatBot. 

How it workS

• 9 Infrared sensors read the line on a track

• Wheel rotations determine speed and distance

• Data is processed in real-time, making over 100 maneuvers a second to stay on line

• Front/rear GoPro camera record race


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2016 Cannes Lions

Cyber / Silver

lia award icon

2016 London International Awards

Product Design / Bronze

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2016 Lisbon

Innovation - Creative Innovation / Bronze

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WPPed Cream Award

Cyber / WPPed Cream Award

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