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“Fakka” means “small change” in Arabic – and in Egypt, small change happens to be a big problem. There is very little of it in circulation, which poses a problem for both consumers and retailers alike. Smaller outlets such as pharmacies, vegetable stalls and corner shops, for example, will give a customer a single aspirin, a vegetable or sweets as the only available alternative to their change. For tourists visiting Egypt, this might seem like an ingenious method to overcome the problem. For an Egyptian living with the situation every day, it’s a bit frustrating.

So, when Vodafone Egypt wanted to launch the nation’s very first micro re-charge cards in the country, our team in Cairo spotted an opportunity and positioned the micro re-charge cards as small change.
Called “Fakka,” the cards were designed to fit perfectly into the cash register’s cash tray. Now when small businesses needed to hand back change to a customer, they could provide the “Fakka” micro-recharge card instead of another, less useful item.
Vodafone’s “Fakka” micro re-charge cards became a new currency in Egypt, with more than 46,000 stores across the country stocking the “Fakka” cards to use as change – giving Vodafone Egypt the biggest distribution channel possible. 


Fakka revenues exceeded the client's original target by 510%

It increased average revenue per Vodafone user by 7%.

There has been a steady 10% increase in the distribution of Fakka across the country.

Vodafone got the biggest distribution channel: over 46,000 non-telco outlets.


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