Elephant in the Wheatbelt RAC RAC Advocacy

Descripción General

Talking about road safety in the Wheatbelt with loved ones is not an easy task – it’s the proverbial elephant in the room. 

So we decided to do something that would get people talking. 

We started the conversation about road safety in the Wheatbelt in a way that’s impossible to ignore, by creating a life-sized elephant out of the scrap metal from crashed cars. We used exactly the same amount of cars as fatalities the previous year; a larger than life symbol that unequivocally states there is a big problem.

The initial ’Tease Phase’ saw the elephant touring the Wheatbelt without explanation. Conversation percolated through social media and PR. The intent was then later revealed, and leveraging the PR generated, as well as social media and paid media, we delivered our message of discussing road safety in the Wheatbelt with loved ones. 

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