Subscription campaign Le Monde

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Confront students’ daily lives with the concerns of the world around them 

No future? Devil-may-care? Reduce the student to a stereotype? Not for the French newspaper Le Monde who is talking to students by revealing the ambivalence between a population that deploys strong interests for the problems of the world around them and their daily reality.

Hence a “1€ for 6 months” subscription offer to nourish their thirst for knowledge on subjects as diverse as politics, society issues, international news, geopolitics, etc. The young student can continue to live his student life while watering his well of knowledge.

The campaign, developed by the teams of J. Walter Thompson Paris, covers print, display and video. This campaign is deployed throughout the digital ecosystem of the brand Le Monde, but also on platforms in affinity with the target group, such as YouTube or Facebook.

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