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As more fast-casual restaurants open up serving burgers cooked to preference, there’s been a trend, particularly in men, towards rare and medium, fuelled by a perception that well-done burgers aren’t as tasty or sophisticated. But unlike steak, undercooked mince carries a risk of salmonella and E. coli. So how could safefood get the word out that when it comes to beef, burgers are a whole other animal?

Introducing ‘Burger Fever’, a social and out-of-home campaign to educate Irish men on burger safety. Over a 4-week period we popped up in the places they were already hanging out, like Instagram, Facebook and popular burger joints, as well as enlisting the help of someone they’d actually listen to – everyone’s favourite Hardy Buck, The Viper.

The result? A pre- and post-campaign poll showed that those who said they would order their burgers well-done rose by 8.9%.

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