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What We're Cooking Up For #AWNewYork 2017

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Next month, September 25 – 29, Advertising Week will touch down once again for its annual New York City conference, bringing together leaders from the advertising, marketing, media and related creative industries.

This year, we’ve boosted our presence with more panels and workshops than ever before. Below, find the conversations we’ll be leading at Advertising Week New York this year

Brand America

September 26, 1:30PM, Bing Stage 

While the U.S. economy is humming, an overwhelming lack of optimism could test the skills of marketers to help companies succeed in these unsettling times. The perception of ‘Brand America’ continues to evolve every day and this transformation will have a profound impact on marketing and, in particular, on US-based companies with global reach.  

Do consumers feel favorably toward American brands, inside and outside of the U.S.? What does this mean for brands that are ‘local’ overseas? How is the view of the U.S. and American values rubbing off on brands, in terms of sentiment, purchase intent, and sales?  

Is there a danger that “America First" could, in fact, set this country back?  

Please join J. Walter Thompson CEO Tamara Ingram, unveiling new global research from J. Walter Thompson's Innovation Group and in conversation with industry experts, on how to address these issues and future-proof Brand America.


  • Tamara Ingram - Worldwide CEO, J. Walter Thompson Company

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Digital & Experiential: A Love Story

September 25, 12:15PM, Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage 

Internet connected escape rooms, scannable temporary tattoos, and augmented reality INSIDE of virtual reality (yes, that’s a thing). We’re steamrolling toward 2018 and the agency (as we know it) is undergoing continuous transformation, and must stay in sync with emerging technology now more than ever.  

In this workshop, DJ Saul, CMO & Managing Director of ISL, will illustrate how digital and experiential marketing are converging like never before, and highlight what it means for your agency and your clients.  

You’ll leave with a new perspective on emerging technology’s impact on your work – from the intersection of hardware and software, to the future of brand activations and experiences. We’ll review best-of-breed examples from recent campaigns and – more importantly – learn about the newest slate of tools and technology shaping the future of creative brand experiences (if you haven’t heard of ARkit, PiZero, VUI, or Unity/Unreal, get ready).   

You’ll leave armed with an upgraded vocabulary of emerging tech, and new ingredients to bring to your next brainstorm or project.   

At the end of this session we’ll break into small groups to brainstorm ideas together, then pitch new concepts to the room to select a crowd favorite.


  • DJ Saul - CMO and Managing Director, iStrategyLabs

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The Truth About Gender Bias in Ads in 2017

September 25, 1:30PM, Bing Stage

In June, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and J. Walter Thompson unveiled groundbreaking research examining gender representation in advertising from ten years of Cannes Lions winners and shortlists.  

This week, we unveil new data based on the 2017 Cannes Lions, followed by an exciting panel of brand leaders to discuss how to challenge bias in advertising and raise awareness of its ripple effects.


  • Lynn Power - CEO, J. Walter Thompson New York
  • Debra Bass - President, Global Marketing Services, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies
  • Madeline Di Nonno - CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

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So Your Client Can't Pick a Side...

September 28, 4:30PM, 4A's Centennial Stage @ B.B. King

While the advertising industry focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly of brand socio-political messaging, many national marketers are endeavoring to bridge audiences with anything but. What can we learn from apolitical brands sustaining consumer advocacy on both sides of the aisle?  

Our industry celebrates brand involvement in socio-political issues. We reward social messaging with top media placements and creative awards, and we warn marketers that staying out of these discussions could translate to inauthenticity and alienation of certain audiences.  

While for many brands picking sides may be the best course of action, (e.g., Starbucks) this is risky for brands that must maintain large national franchises, (Shell) or cannot be perceived as partisan, (the Marines). What can marketers learn from bridging brands like Shell and the Marines? Or, is everyone destined to pick a side in a time when the personal has become political and politics is sharply polarized?


  • Spence Kramer - CEO, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Caldwell - National Director of Marketing and Communication Strategy, USMC

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