26 jun, 2018

JWT Cairo’s Ahmad El-Abi Shares His Favorite Images

Paper Windmill Head

In addition to his role as Senior Art Director at JWT Cairo, Ahmad El-Abi is also known for his intriguing photography. He posts his artful images to his personal Instagram account, which has amassed nearly 50,000 followers. We asked Ahmad to share his top five photos and shed light on why these are his favorites.

The FUNeral

This image is from my last project, which was an open challenge between Arabian designers and artists to deliver the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet in their own style and vision. This image is the 13th letter of the Arabic alphabet - the "ش". The project was exhibited last year at Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

Planet of the Ducks

I love to use yellow rubber duckies in my photos! You can find them in almost all of my images. I consider them to be a part of my identity as an artist, which is why I thought of making this art installation using them.

The Cinema Freak

These days, the outing I most enjoy is going to the movies – and what is cinema without a giant popcorn and soda? This one was also featured on Instagram’s own account as a part of their weekly hashtag project "#WHPbettertogether."

Mind Bluing

I made this image to express how I imagine myself looking when I feel down and blue.

The Happy Show

Nowadays, TV is filled with bad news and stress-inducing shows, so having a happy one for a change is nice for everyone! This was captured during an interview with CNN Africa.

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