23 jul, 2018

Intern Spotlight: Toyosi Oyelola, Innovations & Trends Intern at JWT New York


This week will be highlighting interns from across our network in celebration of National Intern Day. For our first feature, we tapped Toyosi Oyelola, an Innovations & Trends Intern in our New York office and a student at New York University.

What sparked your interest in the Advertising industry – and interning at JWT specifically?

My brother is actually the person who got me into advertising and the creative realm, because he majored in advertising and is a multimedia creative. Since my brother is almost ten years older than I am, I spent a lot of my childhood watching him work on projects and create, and I knew that I wanted to become involved in something similar. With respect to my experience at JWT, I was lucky to be matched with the company. I love JWT’s rich history and all the innovative work that they’ve done over the years for a number of clients.

What’s your favorite JWT campaign, and why is it your favorite?

My favorite campaign is JWT Amsterdam’s “The Next Rembrandt” work that they created for ING. I remember when I first saw the video, and I was just so entrenched in it – it blew my mind. The use of AI to create this painting made me think more about the subtle nuances in an artist’s style, and how technology will be used in art going forward. It was a unique approach to take for a bank, and one that I think worked well.

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What are you most looking forward to during the remainder of your internship, and what have you learned thus far?

I have definitely learned more about the facets of this industry and the parts of it that I really enjoy. In the past few weeks, I have deeply realized the importance of connections, and have experienced how small things can lead to even bigger things. I’m definitely not looking forward to this internship ending, but I am excited to see everyone’s intern projects. In the New York office, we’ve been placed in teams and are working on pitch presentations. Also, I am looking forward to hopefully meeting more people here before the end of the summer!

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