24 ene, 2017

Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship Enters Its Third Year

22 Helen Resor Portrait 1260X840

We are now accepting applications for our third annual Helen Lansdowne Resor (HLR) Scholarship.The Scholarship is an international opportunity that addresses the lack of female creative leadership in the ad industry by empowering female college students with the support they need to join advertising’s creative ranks.

Named after Helen Lansdowne Resor, our and the industry’s first female copywriter, the Scholarship was established in partnership with the 4A’s in 2014. Each year, it awards five individual scholarships up to USD 10,000. Additionally, each recipient will be offered a paid summer internship with a JWT office in her respective region; a JWT mentor, and a “first look” placement consideration upon graduation.

Since 2014, 10 young women from diverse academic backgrounds and across six regions have been named recipients of the HLR Scholarship. 

The scholarship is open to eligible students from select schools globally. Find the list of eligible schools here

Applications must be submitted here by May 14th.

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