14 jun, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: Week 6

Cannes Contender Hero Image Wk6

With Cannes Lions starting in just a few days, we are happy to share our final batch of Cannes Contenders: six pieces from our offices in Amsterdam, Brazil, Shanghai, Atlanta, Dubai, and Riyadh.

Among this week’s work, you’ll see some of our best in print, a traditional medium that in today’s digital and tech-obsessed landscape, requires an extra bit of creative finesse. 

Though this is the last batch in our series, it’s not the last you’ll hear from us about Cannes. During the week, you can expect us to be reporting back from the festival with recaps of our wins and some of the best takeaways from this year's events.

As always, please show off your favorites from our Contender series on social media with the hashtag #JWTCannes.

School for Justice

The Free a Girl Movement asked us to come up with an ad campaign to raise awareness of child prostitution in India. When we found out that hardly any of the criminals responsible for these crimes are punished – in 2015 there were 1.2 million girls in forced prostitution, and only 55 cases that led...



There is a common stereotype that assumes that all Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members are unemployed, shameless, and lacking perspective. But everyone, from students to well-educated professionals, find support in AA groups. To debunk the misconceptions, we created “Professions,” a campaign that is...


The Art of Battles Won

“The Art of Battles Won” is an exhibition commissioned by the United States Marine Corps to help create dialogue and engagement with the USMC brand through art. To help the United States Marine Corps achieve this goal, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta hired a world-renowned sculptor, Kris Kuksi, to create...



Boecker has been a Public Health pioneer since 1994. To create awareness about pest infestations, they needed to make people understand that pests are never alone: when you find one specimen, that means there are certainly more hidden. That’s why we created a print campaign featuring matryoshka...


Plug In

The headphone market is increasingly dominated by Bluetooth options, but many music fans remain unconvinced by their audio quality. Creative Technology’s Aurvana headphones are meticulously crafted with these discerning listeners in mind. Our campaign demonstrates that the power of Aurvana’s sound...

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