Wirus RTV Euro AGD


The popular and easy access to the internet is a comfort, but on the other hand, it is a real threat to consumers on many levels - security of electronic payments, sensitive documents, personal data and much more. That is why our electronic equipment should be protected by the most effective antivirus software. Euro sees this as a problem, so they decided to offer all laptops, tablets, and smartphones with pre-installed Intel Anti-Virus Security for free. Our task was to inform the widest possible group of our customers along all media (offline & digital) about the new unique offer on the polish market.

We decided to show what happens to viruses in the world, where people can only use the computer purchased in RTV EURO AGD. We simply created a bad brand hero, which at first we hated but fell in love later on. Our hero - Spammy is a symbol of the dangers and threats on the Web.

3 months of integrated campaign through all media channels – Outdoor, TV, Internet, Cinemas and in-store communication which we repeated the campaign twice.

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