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The reality is that when it comes to insurance, you just want to know that there is someone to rely on to make it all better. 

The creative idea was based on the insight that it is human nature to want to help people in a time of need but there are many situations where kind gestures from friends and strangers are simply not enough. 

While there are many small gestures that can make a bad situation better – such as a nice cup of tea, a comforting piece of chocolate or a hug from a friend – none of them can make a crashed car or storm damaged house better. It shows that when others can’t fix the problem, RAC Insurance will make it better.

J. Walter Thompson Perth CD Dav Tabeshfar said: “We all know someone who has a go at making a bad situation better with a cup of tea, a hug or a bit of chocolate. But as lovely as tea, hugs and chocolate are, they’re pretty ineffectual when it comes to repairing structural building damage, or smashed windscreens. RAC Insurance however, is not.”

RAC Insurance General Manager, Product & Sales Damien Van Pelt said: “It’s important that our members receive the best possible service and that we make a stressful situation better when they need us the most – at claim time. We’ve enjoyed working with J. Walter Thompson Perth to bring this campaign to life and feel we’ve achieved a great end result.”


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2016 PADC Skull Awards

TV Campaign / Bronze

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