Welcome A New Ford Into Your Family FORD



The closure of Ford’s Australian manufacturing operations led to the discontinuation of Ford’s iconic Falcon and Territory models. An end of an era for Ford and Ford fans alike, the combination had the potential to test the loyalty of even the most die-hard fanatics.

Falcon and Territory owners feel a strong connection to the brand but with no direct replacement for Falcon or Territory available, the fear was that these current owners might take all this change personally, fall out of love with Ford and consider a competitor the next time they purchased a new car.

We needed to plant Ford’s other vehicles in their minds by showcasing the impressive range of vehicles Ford has to offer, so they could emotionally connect with the rest of the Ford family. Celebrating the excitement of new possibilities and the anticipation that buying a new Ford brings, we showed owners that there’s always a Ford to fit their family.

Inspired by the much-loved storybooks from our childhood, we created our own Ford little book: Welcome A New Ford Into Your Family. A witty modern take on a children’s story, the book told the tale of a family on their exciting journey to buying a new car, through personified vehicles as members of the family.

We tapped into current Falcon and Territory owners’ emotions and delighted them with Ford’s other great vehicles. Initial sales results have exceeded expectations with Ford already seeing new Fords of all shapes and sizes being welcomed into families New Zealand wide.  

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