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Human Challenge
Youth can't live without social media: they need to always be connected and social media offer them a window to a world of endless possibilities.

Pioneering Solution
Introducing a new era in data propositions of Vodafone CU, for the #firsttime a Social Media bundle is offered exclusively to all under 24s, to cover their need for data with regards to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr) for only 3€, and thus enjoy a “worry free” usage.

“The Explorers” (18-24). Profile: constantly curious, explorers by nature, they are inspired by the urban context, they enjoy their freedom. Key tensions: express themselves, be connected, seek for exploration experiences. Youth has always been and always will be outspoken, but social media has provided a platform to broadcast those thoughts in a way the world has never experienced. For them, social media is a 2-way communication channel: receive stimulus and express themselves/share experiences, everywhere and at any time.

Insight: I want to share everything I discover for the 1st time. Youthful, inspiring & optimistic TOV, edgy & provocative personality, simple & clear message. Enhance the emotional bonding with target audience and optimize the “Restart” philosophy/promise. Focus on what it feels like to be youth from the insight, not how it looks from the outside (don’t show youth, be youth). Integrated campaign unfolding first in digital.

A campaign that is eye-catching, likeable, relevant and engaging for the youth audience, prompting them to search for more information around the bundle. Campaign’s digital first activation also scored well, establishing the concept of “#firsttime” and thus creating buzz. 

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