Uber Mustang FORD


To coincide with the 37th National Mustang Convention, J.Walter Thompson partnered with FORD and the new cool kid on the block Uber to give Aucklanders the chance to enjoy a truly unique experience: Ford Drive Thru Friday.

In a New Zealand first for the automotive industry, Uber customers were given the option of being picked up in a brand new Ford Mustang, simply by sliding the Mustang logo on their app.

To generate mystery and hype around the event, we created teaser spots on social channels to keep people guessing before revealing what would be happening at the event.

On the day, customers who ordered an Uber were then driven to a secret location and treated to a unique Mustang themed experience. And while they were hanging out with All Blacks & BlackSticks and eating pulled pork sandwiches they were also spending some quality time getting re-acquainted with the 2016 Mustang.

In just one day, Ford Drive Thru Friday drove 5,595 requests for Mustang rides, over a four-hour period – that’s approximately one request every two seconds!

It was truly a once-in-a life-time experience for those who were picked up. For those not so fortunate, they were still able to engage with the event through our live posts, and the sight of 15 FORD Mustang’s cruising around the city created a lot of buzz.

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