The Lesson - A Pepsi mini series Pepsi


Pepsi introduces Mini Cans – the irresistible taste and refreshment of Pepsi, packed in the perfect, fun-sized package. For the first time in India, you can now treat yourself to a shot of just the right amount of excitement and refresh yourself like never before. These tiny little cans come together to become more than just a drink. The Pepsi Mini Can is a catalyst for epic experiences. It may be small but can unexpectedly spark big conversations.

Pepsi has always been an iconic youth brand. In India, through the 90s and turn of the millennium, the brand has been the voice of generations of young people. Always a challenger, Pepsi communication had always challenged the conventional thought of the day, in keeping with the evolving socio-cultural environment.

Our key target audience - young millennials – are very different from previous generations in terms of how they view and consume media. With fast changing norms of what they consume, and how and where they consume any content, creating branded content has become a tough balancing act – too little brand and the consumers miss it, too much brand and they are driven away by the smell of ‘advertising’. Meanwhile, this age of micro-blogging and mini-celebrities has given rise to a new breed of content producers. These new-age consumers are obsessed with consuming, sharing, talking about webisodes or the latest content on the world wide web. They rarely watch TV, and even when they do, they see through advertising as one-way brand communication.

Therefore, our strategy to spark conversations by surprising these young Indians with ‘not an ad’ on TV, but entertainment they discover and share online. Using the core idea of Mini Can, Big ‘X’ (the x representing all the big experiences and engagements the consumer has with the little can – depending on where he/she interacts with Pepsi mini), we created a mini-series exclusive to digital platforms and cinema screens the generation Y flocks to. Three irreverent mini films that bring to life the fun you can have when you start enjoying a Pepsi mini.

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