The Shared Network An Post


In 2019 the homelessness epidemic in Ireland was highlighted when the numbers in temporary accommodation or living on the streets topped 10,000 for the first time in our states history. And although many of those without a home have smart phones, few can afford data. Meaning they often don’t have access to reliable online communications, leaving them disconnected from information and isolated from friends and family. In an age where information is power and connectivity is key, those who can't access this privilege are being left behind.

The rest of us however have more data than we can use each month, taking for granted just how valuable this unused data could be for those that need it. So with our partners in An Post, we developed The Shared Network from An Post. A world first mobile initiative, created specifically to reconnect Irelands homeless community. The service empowers the people of Ireland to donate the data they don’t need, to those that need it most. This means that the people of Ireland can play their part in helping Ireland’s homeless community get back on their feet.

Following the launch of Address Point in April 2019, The Shared Network is the second initiative developed by JWT Folk for An Post to support Ireland's homeless community and facilitate more reliable communication and connection with essential services.

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