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In March 2017, Dan Lasko, a 33-year-old Iraqi war veteran from PA, entered the pool at Long Island’s Eisenhower Park for a first test of The Fin - a first of its kind custom-fitted 3D-printed prosthetic leg - that permits an amputee to go straight from land into the water and back. For Dan, who only wanted to swim again with his kids, this remarkable 3D engineering is literally a life changer.

We found that amphibious prosthetics were underserved: there isn't any sort of amphibious leg prosthetic that allows a wearer to embrace a more natural swim. So we set out to change that.

Together with Northwell Health, and a guided team of experts, The Feinstein Institute, Northwell Ventures, Eschen Prosthetics, The Composite Prototyping Center, 3HTI / Markforged 3D printing, we created a ground-breaking amphibious device: The Fin.

We looked at the human needs beyond the health needs and achieved innovation at a different level: a human breakthrough. We believe this is an innovation for the future of all parents, athletes, amputees.

While developing the Fin, we organized and filmed the process to create content that allow us to show how Northwell delivers on its brand promise across all services. Access The Return's Content Hub Here.


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2017 Cannes Lions

Pharma / Silver

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2017 Cannes Lions

Product Design / Bronze

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2017 Clio Awards

Product Design / Gold

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