Extra. Was the key-word of the year for the brand which launched a new recipe with extra cocoa and extra milk.

To create awareness about this “new” chocolate, the briefing was to make a mass sampling of this product, to prove to consumers that although the recipe changed, the flavor kept as the original.

We have created the “Extraordinary KitKat Vending Machines”.

A project of 4 machines, launched during the whole year, where each one creates a brand experience for the consumer.

To win a KitKat, consumers had to interact with the machines and respond to challenges.

This adventure started in the mind, with much concentration, a chocolate would drop from the Thinking Machine.

The next level required physical dexterity to overtake, without touching, the Challenging Machine's lasers tunnel.

Right after, the Questioning Machine placed questions in the shape of a challenge.

Finally, and as in a game, levels increase difficulty, the Hacking Machine proposed enigmas, deciphered through sensors.


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Creative Club of Portugal - XX CCP Festival Lisbon

Emerging Technologies / Short List

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