Super 0% Lactalis Longa Vida Yoggi


28 minutes. This is the free time that Portuguese women have per day,  according to a survey done on the Portuguese use of time. Contra 1h 43m that men have, as far as this same survey is concerned.

To alert to this difference and explain how easily it could be reduced, if there was a  greater sharing of tasks among Portuguese couples, Yoggi launched the campaign “Small gestures make all the difference”.

Aimed at men, the videos question whether they think they know what women are like.

The answer, which is not always obvious, is always a little something that makes all the difference.

This campaign was created as part of the launch of Yoggi Super 0%, a range of liquid yogurts with 0% fat and added sugars. Looking to recruit new consumers, these yogurts, in 0-Zero range, have four different types: Goji Pomegranate, Lime-Lemon Ginger, Banana Kiwi and Strawberries.

The Yoggi Super 0% campaign created some controversy, with many users applauding the brand for the audacity to touch on a divisive issue. More than 300 thousand people watched this video, which became viral on social networks.

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