Climate Proof 2013-2016 CAOS Planº C

Paca Mais Uma Tentativa


A three-year project funded by the Portuguese Carbon Fund that tackles climate change in Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe through adaptation and mitigation. Mostly consisting of technical/training projects, there was also a specific social project called PACA – Community Adaptation Action Plans. 

PACA included 9 communities where, through the simplified application of participatory budgeting process, the groups identified the main problems and needs. The means of tackling and strengthening resilience mechanisms was to adopt strategies based on the sustainable management of their livelihoods. 

The implementation of these plans targeted greater food and agricultural product availability, wider and better access to water for both domestic and irrigation purposes, the establishment of sustainable alternative forms of income for local communities and the implementation of early warning systems for extreme weather events. 

To raise awareness and help the communities with the continuity of these solutions, we created a communication tool kit called “Climate Friend”, which included an animation road show, including a theater and a game (a sort of trivial pursuit focusing on climate change, land use, water, health and food). 

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