NeSI The University of Auckland


The influence of humans on the global climate is definitive and reversing this impact is our responsibility. NeSI’s supercomputing infrastructure provides the ability to see human impact on our climate and how we can begin to change it.

Using a striking interactive visual on the NeSI 2016 annual report front cover gives us the ability to bring this notion to life. By leveraging our planet as the hero visual in its entirety, sitting centred in the blackness of space, the metaphor of vulnerability and fragility is a strong statement in itself.
By using thermochromatic ink, we have the ability for the earth’s image to react to human touch, demonstrating our direct effect on climate change. A thermal signature is left on the planet which illustrates the implication of human culpability, creating a relevant connection for those that touch it, and setting the theme for the rest of the document.
The contribution NeSI makes to the world is real and the annual report tells the story of what they’re doing to combat this issue.

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