JOYRIDE Tundra Pennzoil


In this action-packed film, the latest in Pennzoil JOYRIDE saga, there’s only one protagonist: a yellow BMW M6 Coupe powered by Pennzoil PurePlus™ Technology, whizzing through the snow-capped Canadian Rockies. 

It’s the purest form of performance to showcase the benefits of the motor oil. No claims, no product shots, just the raw sound of the engine and the performance of the vehicle served up in a way that rivals Hollywood’s best car films. 


Film was shot in Northern Canadian Rockies that require peak performance,
making it the perfect setting to put Pennzoil PurePlus™ Technology to the test.

Due to the highly extreme terrains, helicopters and drones
were used to capture the full performance.

Using cold start protection, Pennzoil kept oil viscosity at
optimal levels in the below freezing temperatures.

BUILD: 8b42c60 |