Loulé Opening IKEA


IKEA is modern design, as are its five pillars – price, function, form, quality, sustainability.

This manifests itself in striking, well-designed, clever objects, which say a lot about the house they occupy and the choices of the people who live in them.  It is a culture. And every culture must have a form of expression, a language.

IKEA is opening its first store in the Algarve.

Houses in the Algarve are very quiet. Either because they are only open for half the year, or because they don’t have access to modern design, houses in the Algarve do not have a lot to say.

Houses in the Algarve need to learn to speak IKEA.

Houses in the Algarve are going to start to speak IKEA.

Does your house already speak IKEA? 

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