HOME IS NOT A BOXING RING Thailand’s Men and Women Progressive Movement Foundation


Thailand is the world’s number#2 in domestic violence against women, but communication efforts. Rarely capture the attention of the perpetrators themselves – Their husbands and partners. How DO We get them to really pay attention? How can we make them care?

Muay Thai is in the heart of all thai men. Thousands flock to boxing rings every weekend, and million more watch it on TV. So, we went where they were. Precisely when they are rooting for violence, in a massive celebration of masculinity and strength. At that moment, with adrenaline and testosterone at its peak, we deliver our message in the most surprising way.

On November 25th, The International day for the elimination of violence against women, a country showed its support in every media outlet and social media channel. 19 million Thai baht worth in PR value.


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