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Hearing your unborn child’s heartbeat is a major pregnancy milestone for expectant parents. It is, in essence, the first “hello” from their baby.

In China, however, this is something that many moms-to-be experience alone. Expecting fathers are often not allowed to join their wives in the ultrasound room and, as in other countries around the globe, demands at work sometimes mean dads can’t be present for these important moments.
And that can make a mom’s sometimes lonely journey even lonelier.

“All for The First Hello” was designed to turn the tides.

The film at the center of the campaign brings together three real-life expecting couples and presents them with the ultimate gift: a wearable device that when placed against the father’s chest, pulsates to the rhythm of their unborn child’s heart.
The effort is a powerful example of work that solves a human challenge. In this case, by taking fathers who felt removed from what their wives were experiencing and creating a tangible product that could help make them feel closer to their wife and child and reshape the pregnancy into the shared journey they intended it to be.
“All for That First Hello” has struck a powerful chord with Chinese viewers who have viewed the film more than 10 million times.

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This campaign left citizens questioning the social issue surrounding pregnancy in China.

Within 24 hours of its launch, it garnered 3.5 million views and 
became the top trending Weibo topic.

As of today, it's been viewed over 14.8 million times and 
shared across all social media platforms.


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