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Our challenge was to change deeply embedded behaviour of drink driving, in a target audience of males aged 25 to 39 that should already know better. Their age also meant they have been hearing the ‘don’t drink and drive’ message forever and with the reduced blood alcohol limit in New Zealand, they may not even recognise their limit anymore. 

A new approach that unequivocally communicated that ‘do not drink and drive’ means having zero drinks was required. Therefore, we made having zero drinks an enticing proposition by signalling that a good end to the night makes for a good night out with the creative idea, Drink free drivers have happy endings. 

Our creative execution needed to support our behaviour change strategy and take advantage of utilising an innovative ways to reach our target audience. Central to this campaign was The Happy Ending Voucher. The Happy Ending Voucher made the holder self-aware of their drink free driving through an alcohol sensing litmus test, and reinforced that delayed gratification is better than short-term gratification.

The Happy Ending Voucher also enlisted key influencers of our target male audience, their partners. The voucher created a currency for couples to support each other in their sober driving by becoming a catalyst to initiate an important conversation about a zero drinking approach to driving. 

Amongst drivers exposed to the campaign, 83% stated they preferred to stay drink-free when they are driving and 54% were more likely to feel happier about staying drink-free. There were also significant decreases in negative perceptions of staying drink-free on a night out following the campaign, with 60% reduction in feeling bored, 70% reduction in feeling annoyed and 60% reduction in feeling frustrated when staying drink-free.

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