Give us the time of a song Tencent


In 2016, WeChat launched the campaign “Charge for Love” for the project and get good response. In 2017, WeChat designed a new energy growth system for the top-up service where consumers can donate the energy when they charge the mobile and interactive with friends.

When facing the serious homogenization problem of the mobile top-up market. Tencent build the “Social Goods”as it’s UBO. In this way, Tencent can not only make a distinction with other product, but also help the left behind children to talk with their parents. 

Instead of telling a moving story, we organize a left-children sing group to sing about their feeling of missing their parents.

This song “The Lubin Flower” enjoys high reputation among Chinese citizens and almost everyone can sing it. The lyric also tell how a kid miss his mother. These children’s innocence emotion can deep touch people’s hearts and let them think. The film was launched on WeChat moment’s ad, and other social medias (Weibo and other video platforms) where we can take advantage of the celebrities power to raise more awareness.

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