Gather around the table Bohemia


Central de Cervejas invited us to relaunch its Bohemia brand, in its new Original, Wheat and Pure Malt varieties.

The table plays an essential part in Portuguese life, taking on the role of epicenter of those big and small moments in our lives.

And if we like joining the table, we do so above all for two main reasons: the food and the people who we like the most. Ideally, both together.

Bohemia is a gastronomic beer, created to accompany food and it is that which encompasses its whole spirit. The perfect beer to bring to the table for moments of sharing, companionship and friendship. Bohemia perfectly links a great meal with a conversation that lasts through the night. 

 It is this fact that gave rise to the catch phrase:

 Bohemia. Gather around the table.

At a time when Portugal has finally begun to wake up to brewing culture, and when more and more artisan breweries are appearing, Bohemia reflects the direction of art, through illustrations and through all communication materials for this organic, handmade, craft universe, a universe made with time and a preoccupation with the details.

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