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Today, J. Walter Thompson Paris, alongside Laurent Richard, founder of the NGO Freedom Voices Network, present the case study of an exclusive operation called, “Forbidden Stories.”

Forbidden Stories is an innovative platform that allows endangered journalists to secure their information on This secure platform allows journalists the opportunity to pursue silenced journalists’ work and continue their investigation for the truth, which is then unveiled to a wide audience.

Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who covered political corruption and organized crime, was murdered in a car bomb attack in 2017. To continue her investigative work, a group of 45 journalists representing 18 news organizations from 15 countries created “The Daphne Project.” For five months, they kept digging in complete secrecy to reveal what her murderers wanted to keep hidden. This first forbidden story is now out.

With “The Daphne Project,” Freedom Voices Network gave Daphne a new voice and as long as there will be press predators, Forbidden Stories will continue to keep stories alive.

They killed the journalist, not the story. Discover today the case of this extraordinary activation


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